Bellator 245 fighter experiences every mans’ worst nightmare


It is no secret MMA fighters are the toughest guys on the planet. Between the weight cuts, the gruesome workouts, and getting punched in the face, there are many things to respect about being an MMA fighter.

Add getting roundhouse kicked in the groin to that list. Twice.

That’s what happened to Peter Stanonik (5-4, MMA) on Saturday at Bellator 245, as he went to battle against Raymond Daniels (2-1, MMA).

After an action-packed Round 1, Daniels drilled Stanonik with a spinning back kick to the groin early in Round 2, leaving Stanonik writhing in pain on the canvas. It took Stanonik the whole five-minute allotted time just to recover from that.

Fast forward a few seconds later and Daniels does pretty much the exact same thing, driving Stanonik to literal tears. To make matters worse, Daniels is a former karate and kickboxing champion, making him one of the last guys you’d want kicking you in the balls. Especially twice.

To add further insult to injury, Stanonik wasn’t awarded a victory. The match was ruled a no-contest, and Stanonik was stretched out as a result.

There is some good news though; Peter was released from the hospital early Sunday morning, and he posted on his instagram story shortly after:

“We’re good to go y’all,” Stanonik said. “I’m at the hospital. My d-ck is cleared. Everything is (cleared). I just got a contusion in my groin. We’re Gucci now. I’ve got my ride waiting.”

Pretty nuts if you ask me


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